Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra discusses the benefits of restaurant sustainability

Hospitality is an ever-evolving industry, and the way it has adapted through the pandemic crises vouches for it. However, it is not just health hazards that hospitality businesses today are prepared to fend off; restaurants and hotels are also gearing up to battle climate change in their unique way. Wondering how?

Restaurant sustainability has emerged as the latest buzzword in the hospitality sector. The practice involves adopting environment-friendly alternatives for day-to-day operations. But an untouched aspect of adopting sustainability in restaurants remains the benefits it comes bearing for the business owners.

Navneet kalra a prominent restaurateur based in New Delhi and also the owner of the famous Khan Chacha restaurants, shares some interesting insights into the perks of restaurant sustainability, which make the practice a worthy investment for business owners. Scroll on to know what they are:

  1. Increased brand loyalty

Customers tend to visit restaurants whose values align with those of their own. As more and more people grow conscious of the environmental impact of human activities, they appreciate if the restaurant they are dining at is doing its part in conservation. It helps them connect with your business on a personal level, prompting them to return.

  1. Increased profits

According to Navneet Kalra, a restaurant that declares its commitment to saving the planet attracts more customers. This translates into increased footfall, which in turn leads to improved revenue. So, while you are investing in saving the planet, customers make their contribution to the cause by bringing more business to your restaurant.

  1. Better employee engagement

Environmental conservation is a chord that strikes not only with the customers but with the employees as well. According to the khan chacha owner. When employees find a workplace that resonates with their wish of making the planet a better place, or at least enables them to do their part, they work with better dedication, resulting in great service.

  1. Improved supply chain

A major component of restaurant sustainability is shortening the supply chain. According to Navneet Kalra, not only does it give you a better view of where your materials are sourced from, but it also promotes locally sourced ingredients which in turn empowers smaller businesses. The result is a better menu with better ingredients, something that customers highly appreciate.

  1. A sense of satisfaction

Let’s admit it, we have only one planet to live upon and it feels really good to be able to work towards making it better for future generations. Even if it is one tiny gesture in form of ensuring energy efficiency or reducing food wastage, adopting sustainable practices at your restaurant gives you a sense of satisfaction that comes with being a part of a worthy cause.”With the growing concerns for health, quality, and the planet, we at Khan Chachastrive to adopt practices that reduce the impact on the environment whichever way we can.

We intend to set a benchmark deploying measures that promote sustainable practices in our day-to-day operations and deliveries,” states the acting CEO, Sidhant Kalra. Small steps combine to form a large impact. With prominent restaurants like Khan Chachataking’s active measures towards adopting sustainability in everyday operations, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the hospitality sector in India will surely achieve carbon neutrality in the years to come.