How Navneet Kalra’s Khan Chacha is hopping on the tech modernization bandwagon

An iconic name in the Indian hospitality industry, Khan Chacha restaurant does not need any introduction. The place is synonymous with Mughlai street food in India, and the fact that it has been around for decades vouches for the cult status that it enjoys. Its popularity has only grown in recent years, something for which the credit rests entirely with restaurateur Navneet Kalra.

Navneet Kalra, the owner of Khan Chacha, is a prominent name in the Indian hospitality arena. He owns several other establishments in the uber-chic locales of Delhi. However, the brightest feather in his hat remains the way he has been modeling and remodeling the iconic Khan Chacha restaurant according to the changing times.

The result of Kalra’s innovation is evident in the growth of the restaurant, which has transformed from a small eatery in the Khan market to a well-known chain of restaurants across Delhi NCR. Keeping up with the times is something Navneet Kalra has aced with Khan Chacha, and perhaps that’s why the restaurant manages to successfully maintain its old-school charm despite undergoing rapid transformation.

The first major change that Delhi’s favorite Mughlai eatery had undergone was in terms of ambiance as soon as Navneet Kalra assumed command. From a small, musty food joint, Kalra metamorphosed it into a chic and cozy restaurant that not only served super delicious food but also provided a super cool vibe that resonated with the upbeat locale.

And now, under the aegis of its acting CEO Sidhant Kalra, Khan Chacha is gradually upscaling its tech as well. The restaurant is readily adopting tech-based solutions for its day-to-day operations, aiming at enhanced services. The Mughlai eatery has a custom restaurant management system in place, which helps all its branches keep tabs on the inventory, vendors, menus, etc.

Upon being asked about the various new measures that the restaurant has adopted off late, Sidhant Kalra said, “We constantly strive to serve our guests in the best way possible. We aim at maintaining the special place that Khan Chacha enjoys in people’s hearts, and for that, we are keeping up with the latest advancements in the industry.”

To provide the best customer satisfaction Khan Chacha aims to bring up innovation, upscaling the technology which results in reducing the waiting time, khan chacha has come up with the latest advancement by placing the digital display in the inventory that smoothens the whole process from placing the order to delivering it to the customer which helps in time management as well as keeping a record of the order placed by the customer.

He added, “Before the pandemic hit, most industries were set in their ways. But now everything is changed, especially when it comes to hospitality. Now we need more efficient systems in place to provide our guests with the safest and best dining experience. This is what makes keeping up with the latest trends all the more important.”

To ensure the minimal wastage of the food, the ingredients that are used are being Analysed by evaluating the order history, and over the period khan chacha has successfully come up with negligible wastage which is one of the achievements so far. In case of leftovers, the management team ensures to channel the distribution to the other outlets in need. To guarantee hygiene and safety, every staff member needs to go through thermal checking, and all other safety measures such as ensuring sanitization, fresh masks every day, to create a safe ambiance at the outlet.

The restaurant management system not only smoothens out inventory and vendor management; it also helps the branch managers to record and address the grievances shared by the customers and staff members alike. Elaborating upon how new-age tech is helping Khan Chacha deliver better, the restaurant CEO pointed out that the convenience added by tech-based management systems is unparalleled, which in turn enables the staff to serve the guests better, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

“Our aim has always been to give our guests something new to look forward to. Adopting tech-based restaurant management is enabling us to do that, and more. It has helped us transform the restaurant experience while keeping our decades-old recipes intact, which is an object of pride for both – us and our customers,” Khan Chacha CEO Sidhant Kalra said.

Khan chacha has installed advanced cloud kitchen technology which minimizes & smoothens the workload over the counter and helps the chef in tracking the order from the digital screen. Centralized Order Management results in the super-fast delivery of the orders. Khan chacha is working over its ambition of contact-less deliveries and focusing on digitalizing everything which will result in no use of paper and would help in reducing the carbon footprint.