Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra suggests the best ways to use QR codes this holiday season

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, and just like every other sector, restaurant businesses are also gearing up for the holiday season boom. The time also sets the perfect stage for various events and special menus, and various innovations in the restaurant industry. One such innovative technique is QR codes, whose use in restaurant spaces has been limited.

We talked to prominent Delhi restaurateur and Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra, about the emergence of QR codes and their relevance in the holiday season. According to him, while QR codes have taken the restaurant industry by storm, their usage extends far beyond the convention of viewing online menus. He also shared the most effective ways in which the capabilities of QR codes can be explored by restaurateurs. Read on to know what they are:

Event RSVP

The onset of holiday season provides restaurant businesses with the perfect opportunity to host various events. Whether it is a Christmas party, New Year eve celebration or any other event, restaurants can use QR codes amid their promotions, says Navneet Kalra. “When you are playing hosts to an event, you may want to know how many people have shown interest. QR codes are a great way to do that,” he says.

Kalra continues, “You can use these codes on the flyers or elsewhere on the promotional material and link them the event webpage. This way, it will be easier for the prospective guests to RSVP and get a better understanding of the event. The number of times your QR code is scanned will also provide you with an opportunity to assess the performance of your event promotion and marketing strategy.”

QR for enquiries

Many a times, people may come across your establishment and might want to enquire about things like the seating or certain items on the menu. An effective way of providing them with a platform to place in their queries can be QR codes, suggests Navneet Kalra.“Holiday season is a busy time of the year for the restaurants. If people keep calling with their questions, you might not be able to answer them there and then owing to the increased footfall,” he says.

“A good way of hearing to what people have to say is to provide them with a QR code on your website or tables which leads to a query form. People can fill it up with all the questions they have for you, and you can read them all and reply once you’ve call it a day. This ensures that people are getting their queries answers in an effective manner, thus improving your chances of turning these prospective customers in actual guests,” quips the Khan Chacha owner.